Makeup Tips and Tricks- Eyes

Petals and Promises Prom is happy to show some eye makeup tips and tricks for your makeup on your special occasion. Let us know at our store in Logan, Utah if you have any questions!

There are so many fun things to do with your eye makeup, whether you're going for a simple elegant look or a smoky and bold look. 

Let's first start with color. Knowing what shades look best with your eye color can make your eyes pop! 

Next is knowing where to apply your shades. 

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Did you know you can use tape to do a perfect eyeliner wing?? Not to mention, it keeps your eye shadow clean and off your face when you peel it off. 


Shaping and coloring in your eyebrows can make a big difference. But everyone has a very different shape. If you'll be filling in your brows, make sure it fits your shape and looks natural. 

EYEBROW TUTORIAL | How to fill in sparse brows | GLAMNANNE

25 Step-by-Step Eyebrows Tutorials to Perfect Your Look

Don't try anything new the DAY of the dance or the event. If you're doing your own makeup, make sure you experiment with it at least the day before so you can perfect your look!

And don't forget you are BEAUTIFUL and to have FUN



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